Transit freight problems that caused by unfavorable weather condition are solved

Appropriate steps are taken by the Coordinating Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Transit Freight to form more favorable conditions for the transportation of transit of cargo. Thus, as a result of simplifying transit procedures and lowering cost of service fees for departures and arrivals of truck trailers directed from Azerbaijan to Aktau port of Kazakhstan, and Turkmenbashi port of Turkmenistan, transit costs were reduced approximately by 40 percent. The consistent and systematic works continue in direction of expanding opportunities for transit freight passing through the territory of Azerbaijan.

It should be noted that the number of truck trailers which carried the transit cargo through the territory of Azerbaijan has increased drastically in last few days. However, the strong wind started in Caspian Sea in December 4th caused the problems in traffic of ferries, which resulted in delays on loading trucks to the ferries in Aktau Port from December 6th to December 9th. Additionally, only one pier for ferries in Aktau port is in working condition and has lack of protection from storms and high waves which complicated the situation even more. In order to eliminate these problems discussions were held and appropriate steps were taken in the Coordinating Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Transit Freight.

As a result, "Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping" CJSC has approved the regularly visit schedule for vessels to transport trucks by sea more quickly and safely from Baku to Aktau and increased number of ferries to eliminate loading problems caused by heavy traffic of trucks. The Coordinating Council on Transit Freight is constantly holding discussions with Kazakhstan authorities to increase berth opportunities in Aktau port for ferries coming from Azerbaijan.

In the meantime, appropriate living conditions have been settled by "Baku International Sea Trade Port" CJSC for truck drivers waiting for the ferries at Baku Sea Port. The ticket office has been setup and board showing tariffs and conditions for transportation installed in the entrance gate of the port. The queue ticket selling for drivers waiting for ferries in the port has also been started. By the help of this ticket selling system showing sequence number, truck drivers will be able to use their waiting time.

The Coordinating Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Transit Freight once again informs the participants who are interested in transit cargo issues or encountered problems, may contact the office of the Coordinating Council (Address: Baku AZ1025, 37 Khojaly Avenue, "Demirchi Tower", phone: 488-80-38, fax: 488-80-48; e-mail: office@transit.az).