The Electronic Portal of the Coordinating Council on Transit Freight was created

The event on presentation of official website of the Coordinating Council on Transit Freight was held in Baku Business Center on March 9.with the participation of relevant public bodies and transportation companies.

In his speech, Deputy Minister of Economy, Mr. Sahil Babayev stressed the realization of a number of large-scale projects aimed at increasing, the transit potential of our country, launch of the largest on the Caspian basin Baku International Sea Trade Port and Baku Shipbuilding Plant, significance of projects on reconstruction of Baku-Boyuk Kesik railway and building of Baku-Tbilis-Kars railway line. It was noted that The Coordinating Council on Transit Freight was established by Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated October 21, 2015 with the purpose on wider and more effective utilization of the transit capacities of our country, realization of single, flexible and transparent tariff policy in the sphere of transportation of transit freight, simplification of the border crossing procedures, providing the coordination among the government agencies operating in this field. During the last period a number of meetings were held between Coordinating Council and relevant government agencies, as well as freight forwarding companies and many other business entities, where the current conditions and problems of transport corridors were indentified .Two meetings of Coordinating Council were held until now and appropriate decisions were taken. So, upper limit of transit tariffs for transit transportation of crude oil and oil products was approved at the meeting of Coordination Council dated December 3, 2015. It ensures the competitive atmosphere in transportation of crude oil and oil products, supports increasing of volume of goods being transported through Azerbaijan.

Apart from that transit costs for truck trailers directed from Azerbaijan to Aktau port of Kazakhstan and Turkmenbashi port of Turkmenistan were reduced approximately by 40 percent by Coordinating Council due to simplification of transit procedures and reduction of costs for services.. As a result, the number of transit trucks that used Baku-Aktau-Baku route has increased 7.3 times, totaled in 1582, while it was only 217 in January-February 2016 in respect to previous year’s relevant period.

Appropriate steps were taken by Coordinating Council related to eliminating the problems on loading trucks to ferries in Aktau Port , "Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping" CJSC has approved the regularly visit schedule for vessels in Baku-Aktau direction for quicker and safer transportation of trucks through the sea, taking into account the large quantity of cargo ships regave into operation several ferry-boats staying out of use, number of ferries has increased.

The agreement on introduction of tariffs on a parity basis for transportation of crude oil and oil products by railway and their transshipment over oil terminals for the passing through the territories of both countries aimed at enhancing the effectiveness in the sphere of transit freight transportation between Azerbaijan and Georgia was reached at negotiations held between Coordinating Council and the relevant body of Georgia.

Moreover the project of “Rules on identification of tariffs for transit transportation services and discounts for these tariffs” was prepared by Coordinating Council and submitted to the government. These rules which identify single principles and conditions for transportations provides transparency and favorable transportation conditions along the corridor.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated October 21, 2015 on “Establishment of the Coordinating Council on Transit Freight of the Republic of Azerbaijan” electronic portal of the Coordinating Council comprising appropriate information, procedures and other issues on transit transportation through railway, sea transport, sea ports and sea terminals was created.

Newly created electronic portal was presented at the event and Elchin Ahmadov, Head of the Office of the Coordinating Council on Transit Freight, has given information about the portal. The information on relevant legislative acts related to the establishment of the Council, staff of the Council, its regulations, as well as its objectives has been posted in “About Council” section of the website. Visiting the “Documents” section of the website users can find tariffs approved by the Council, as well as freight forwarding companies and their sample documents for transporting and transshipping of goods.

Users also can get information on the relevant bodies of the partner countries and other information on realization of transportation of goods in “Participants” section of the website.

It is also possible to get information on costs for transit freight transportation indicating the directions via route calculator placed on the website. Thus freight forwarding companies can figure out costs of transit freight transportation in advance.

Users can get acquainted with the tariffs approved by the Coordinating Council visiting “Tariffs” section of the portal.

Currently operations on development of coordination between Coordinating Council and relevant bodies of the partner countries in the region, tracking the freight and other issues related to transportation procedures are being continued.

The electronic portal opens up opportunities for freight forwarding organizations, legal entities and individuals for carrying out works in this sphere more promptly, raising the effectiveness of tnasit transportations.

At the end of the conference the questions from press were answered.